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Settling and separation tanks

The decantation and separation tank for recycled materials is an essential part of the infrastructure of facilities dedicated to recycling. This equipment plays a crucial role in the efficient separation of different materials, contributing significantly to the recycling process and preserving the environment.

The main purpose of the tank is to separate recyclable materials based on their different densities and physical properties. Inside the tanks, the materials are subjected to a decantation process, in which they are introduced into water. Due to their different densities, the materials separate naturally, with the denser materials sinking to the bottom of the tank and the less dense materials floating on the surface. These types of tanks are widely used in PET recycling, for separating labels and caps.


• Work platform

• Housing in galvanized sheets or 304 stainless steel;

• Automatic system for separating dirt from the bottom;

tanque de separação kie
Tabela TANQUES - ingles

* Production (kg/h):
Production depends on a series of factors such as material density, part size, granulometry and others. Please consult our sales department so that we can estimate production according to your case.

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