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Conveyor belts

EAK-ESK conveyor belts were developed to offer quality, efficiency and safety in the movement of ground plastic materials.

This equipment has a wide variety of applications, from standard KIE Máquinas recycling lines to application in special lines according to the customer's installation needs, which can be installed on slopes from 0° to 40°.

These two models of equipment are produced for two main functions, for separating materials and for feeding equipment. For material separation, the conveyor belt is positioned horizontally so that operators can select different types of materials; It's called ESK. For feeding, the treadmill is positioned with the desired inclination (0º to 40º) to feed other equipment; It's called EAK.

In general, conveyor belts are used to feed equipment such as Mills, Extruders, Binders, Washers, etc. Or transport material from one piece of equipment to another, such as from the Mill to the Washer.


• Smooth or talismanic canvas;

• 3 canvas colors to choose from;

• Metal detector;

Esteira de separação kie maquinas
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