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The EK Extruder Line is manufactured especially for the recycling, pigmentation and granulation of plastics. Robust and easy to operate, it has low maintenance, providing an excellent cost/benefit ratio.

Able to operate with materials such as PP, HDPE, LDPE, PS and ABS, EK Extruders have the following technical characteristics in common:

• Cylinder and thread in special steel, nitrided and polished;

• Reducer with rectified helical gears;

•Bearing box coupled directly to the reducer, eliminating transmission elements;

• Ceramic resistance;

• Protection of stainless steel resistances, divided into heating zones with individual cooling fans;

• Control panel with automatic start key;

• Digital temperature control;

• Digital pressure transducer that indicates the correct time to change filters;

• Hydraulic filter changing head;

extrusora ek-120
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