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Washers and Dryers

Indispensable equipment in the recycling of post-consumer plastics.


Operating in conjunction with settling tanks and mills, they remove impurities trapped in material such as soil, paper and other contaminants through a centrifugation process.


The shaft, electronically balanced, operates at high speed, inside a stainless steel tube with perforated mesh. Waste such as sand, soil, paper, organics are expelled through the boreholes through centrifugation. In the washer, with water injection to assist in cleaning, and in the dryer the same spin eliminates the water from the process, leaving minimal residual moisture.


Construction characteristics that facilitate maintenance are applied to this equipment, such as:


•Shaft access cover facilitates removal for interventions such as balancing and changing.

•Split housings for easy replacement of bearings and seals

•Bearings fixed with tapered bushings for easy removal.

•External bearings to prevent moisture or dust penetration.

•Deflector disc on the shaft, to prevent excess water in the bearings

-304 stainless steel perforated tube



-Stainless Steel Structure and Shaft, for working with materials contaminated with corrosive substances

-Control panel

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* Production (kg/h):
Production depends on a series of factors such as material density, part size, granulometry and others. Please consult our sales department so that we can estimate production according to your case.

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