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The pelletizer is a fundamental part in the process of preparing materials for extrusion, playing a crucial role in the recycled industry.

It is capable of transforming plastic waste and shavings into reusable materials with greater density, preparing them for the next stage of the manufacturing process.

Used in pre-heating, mixing, film grinding and final drying of materials, KIE Binders have powers from 20 to 125 hp.

This equipment has two functions: to complement drying by preheating the material and to compact it.
They are used to work with materials such as garbage bags, bags, canvas and raffia bags, made from PE or PP.

Safety is a key priority when dealing with industrial machinery, and the plastic binder is no exception. Incorporating an easily accessible emergency button and a magnetic interlock, the machine guarantees the protection of operators throughout the entire operation process.

It has the following characteristics in common:

• Engine coupled directly to the propeller, eliminating transmission elements, reducing maintenance costs;

• 3/8” thick carbon steel tube, removable and tiltable to facilitate maintenance;

• Vapor suction system using a fan;

- Internal lining of the tube in 304 stainless steel;

- 2 propeller models available;

aglutinador ak 75
Tabela AK - ingles B

** Production (kg/h):
Production depends on a series of factors such as material density, part size, granulometry, among others.;

Please consult our sales department so that we can estimate production according to your case.

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